Products & Services

Audio Visual                  |  Integrated Audio  |

Audio Visual systems includes products/services such as projection, staging, lighting & sound, video conferencing, etc. Audio Visual equipments are commonly used in places such as lecture theatres and meeting rooms. Equipments could include slide projectors, OHPs, data projectors and portable PA systems. dgsffs bvghfg hgfhgfh ghgh                        

PABX / Call Servers                                    |  Alcatel  |  Ericsson  |  NEC  |  Sagem  |

PABX handles the processing of all calls within it and it has all the built in features such as, Forwarding, Conferencing, Call Pick Up Groups, Intercoms, Transferring, etc. PABX also allows companies to control which numbers callers from within the PBX can or cannot dial.

                                      Other Services:    * Voice Mail      * IVRS      * Call Billing

Internet Fax                                 |  Alcatel  |  Ericsson  |  NEC  |  Sagem  | Siemens  |

I-Fax is used to send paper documents as TIFF, PDF, DOC, etc. as attachments to a single email address, a group of addresses, or a combination of fax numbers and email addresses, using the industry-standard T.37 Internet protocol. As long as there is access to email,  faxes could be retrieved from virtually anywhere in the world.

MATV                                                                                           |  DX  |   Philips  |

Master Antenna Television System (MATV) is usually used in high-rise buildings for better quality signals. A high quality antenna ensures that signal quality is optimised, minimising any form of inherent noise or unwanted interference sources, prior to the main amplification stages. Options are available for additional UHF/ VHF channels for special features like information services, video programs or radio services.

Networking                            |  3com  |  Alcatel  |  Allied Telesyn  |  Avaya  |  Cisco  | 

Networking allows an organization to share data/information in a workgroup. It includes features such as sharing of documents or emails, internal messaging, authorization levels, internet sharing, and so on. The speed of the network depends on the backbone and edge switches, as well as the cables used for the links.

Nurse Call                      |  Ackermann  |  Integrated Audio  |

Nurse Call systems are used to help nurses organize their work and attend to patients with emergency needs in a timely manner. Nurse call systems have been designed to monitor every vital part of the system, reporting any malfunction directly to the Nursing station and to be able to rectify malfunction quickly and efficiently.

Observation System / CCTV                     |  Philips  |

In small to medium-sized businesses, the presence of observation cameras acts as a deterrent. It is an effective way of reducing in-store crime and other causes of stock shrinkage in retail outlets and similar applications. Otherwise, CCTV will be used for applications such as jewelers, supermarkets, as well as for enterprise applications, like chain stores and banks, where distributed security surveillance is required. 

Public Address System (PA)                                   |  Philips  |  Behringer  |

Public Address System is normally required where there is a need for obtaining a relationship between people and what they listen to, for example: listening for entertainment and information. In addition, it is needed when there is a need to inform them concerning matters of importance and emergency.


Fibre Optics / Structured Cabling              |  Avaya  |  Nexans  |  WEM  |  Leader  |

Fibre optic cables ranges are from Single Mode, Multimode, Indoor and Outdoor.

Structured cables ranges are from Category 5, Category 5e, Category 6 and to the latest Category 7.